R e c o r d i n g s

Audio and video recordings of selected pieces are offered below. Please see the Contacts page for information on ordering scores or obtaining performance rights.

String Quartet No. 1, Movement IV

Performed July, 2012 by the European American Musical Alliance at La Schola Cantorum in Paris, France

V i d e o

A u d i o

C h a m b e r   M u s i c

Five Bagatelles for Solo Piano (2013)

Premiered San Francisco Conservatory, November 2013

String Quartet Number 1, midi rendering (2013)

Submitted as a senior thesis at Harvard University, March 2013

String Quartet Number 1 (2013)

Premiered at Paine Hall, Harvard Yard on May 6, 2013

The Automaton (2012)

A trio for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano, in six short and continuous movements

Reverse Landscape for String Quartet (2012)

A one-movement piece for String Quartet

The Wilting of Briars in the Arboreal Gardens (2011)

A one-movement piece/study for String Quartet

Skitter (2011)

A one-movement piece/study for String Quartet

O r c h e s t r a l

Nothing Gold Can Stay (2008)

An early piece for orchestra, originally written for piano. Performed here by the Phillips Exeter Academy Symphonia Orchestra

C h o r a l   M u s i c

Kyrie (2014)

The first movement of a mass in progress, performed by the Choral Chameleon in June 2014, Vince Peterson director, Matt Oltman conductor

When You Are Old and Grey (2012)

A TTBB choral setting of W.B. Yeat's poem, "When You Are Old", written for and premiered by the Harvard Glee Club in Carnegie Hall

When to the Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought (2011)

An SATB choral setting of Shakespeare's 30th Sonnet

Landscape (2014)

An SATB setting of Garcia Lorca's "Landscape" translated into English, submitted to the biennial choral composition competition at San Francisco Conservatory in 2014, David Conte director

Kyrie II (contrapuntal)

An SATB kyrie setting submitted to the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, and conducted by Craig Hella Johnson

E l e c t r o n i c   a n d   S c o r e s

Graveyard Dance Suite (2012)

A five movement suite originally written for a dance production by Elizabeth Mak

Solar Techniques (2011)

An electronic piece produced entirely through manipulated recorded sounds

Techniques (2011)

An electronic piece produced entirely through manipulated recorded sounds

J a z z   M u s i c

Riding the Updrafts (2011)

A piece for a medium jazz ensemble, with some spaces for improv

Stroll in the Park (2011)

A short song for jazz combo