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Siroko Duo premiering "Zephyr Suite" this Friday

The Siroko Duo, an exciting new collaboration between flautists Jessie Nucho and Victoria Hauk in San Francisco, will hold their first public concert this Friday, November 4th. In the program are included four world premieres including Kyle Randall's new "Zephyr Suite" and works by Julie Barwick, Joseph Colombo, and Emma Logan. It should be a very exciting concert. Tickets can be purchased here.

Below are the program notes, and there is also an interview where we spoke about the piece and its influences:

Zephyr Suite is an exploration of the characteristics of movement and air. Each of its three movements (I. On Sea Fog | Boreas; II. On Swift Winds | Notos; and III. On Rolling Clouds | Zephyros) plays with a different type of air activity or formation, and relates to a different Ancient Greek god of wind. The Greek gods of wind represent certain characters of wind: slow and gentle, fast and wet, etc., and each hold claim to winds from their own cardinal direction. Boreas is the god of the northern winter wind, which is cold, foggy, and enigmatic. Notos is the god of the Autumnal east wind, which is wild and brings wet storms. And Zephyros is the god of the west summer wind, which brings gentle breezes, or "zephyrs". The suite is named after the zephyr because of its and the Siroko Duo's ties to the west and to San Francisco.

Tickets available here:

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